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About Us

MaestroLIVE - a software platform by MobileWorks

Founded in 2005, with offices in Cambridge and Poznan, Poland, MobileWorks company develops highly flexible and bespoke end to end mobile software systems to meet the needs of our growing list of enterprise and public authority clients. We deliver workflow management solutions to operations in logistics, asset management, shopping centre management and town or city centre environmental enforcement to name but a few.

MobileWorks comes with pedigree in developing mobile solutions with several of our founders having been involved with developing mobile data applications from the very beginning of the 2G era – as far back as 1992. Our heritage includes many firsts, such as developing the worlds first commercial SMS applications that combined email and diary notifications into text messages for a major insurance company; combining emerging GPS with GIS technology to help infrastructure engineers in the field know where their assets were located; mobilising legacy ERP systems to allow healthcare service providers to meet contracted service levels.

MobileWorks continues this tradition of innovation as it develops systems and solutions that meet the needs of their customers.

a software platform by


For an automated workflow disruption solution, use MaestroLIVE to get stalled workflows working fast with large cost saving advantages.

Shopping Centers

Plan your maintenance schedule, respond to urgent issues and consistently deliver opening and closing routines.


Coordinate street cleaning and maintenance to improve the BID area and allow members to report issues directly into the workflow.


Schedule work, resources and materials for highways mainteance projects. Use asset management for streetlighting and signs.

Public Spaces & Parks

Reduce downtime and improve communication between managers and workers. MaestroLIVE offers a simple solution to coordinating tasks.

Local Authorities

Integrate seamlessly with third party suppliers and use MaestroLIVE to effectively measure SLA compliance.

Launch MaestroLIVE in seconds and have your workflow set-up in minutes.

See just how powerful MaestroLIVE really is with our fully functional*, free, 30 day trial. Spin up an instance in seconds and get access to a wealth of support and learning materials to show you the ropes.

Need longer than 30 days? Speak to the team and we’ll arrange it.

No payment info needed.

Latest News

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