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MaestroLIVE has valuable applications in many industries of different shapes and sizes.

From highways maintenance to national parks, MaestroLIVE’s workflow management is easily customised to suit you.

Launch an industry specific MaestroLIVE to see your workflow in action


The construction and maintenance of infrastructure projects harnesses the full power of MaestroLIVE. The core workflow manages day to day operations and the mobile workers delivering work on the ground while MaestroLIVE’s scheduler and budgeter provides invaluable time and cost controls.

For high value, complex projects MaestroLIVE can manage everything from the concrete being poured to the long term project cost projections.


Road inspections, maintenance and repair are the key focus for local authorities looking after their highways. Worker safety and road safety are also of paramount importance. MaestroLIVE currently delivers several large highways maintenance contracts in the UK.

Road inspections are managed in the MaestroLIVE workflow. A task is created for each inspection and custom designed forms are used to input the road survey information as it is gathered during the inspection. Data from inspections then already exists in MaestroLIVE and is readily available for decision making and the creation of tasks to solve problems found during the inspections. Inspection data is collected in a consistent format making it easy to retrieve and process a history of inspections for review at a later date.

Planned road maintenance projects can be scheduled and budgeted for in advance. Using MaestroLIVE’s resource management capability you can effectively coordinate all the resources and workers required for the project and keep track of the many individual tasks that make up the total maintenance project.

Scheduler is particularly effective at managing planned maintenance projects as you can hold in the system many months of future work and at any point accurately say when one maintenance project will finish and the next will start giving confidence to stakeholders.

Safety and procedures are also aided by MaestroLIVE. Where documentation such as risk assessments are required, MaestroLIVE can deliver these documents when necessary directly to the mobile workers who need them. Repeating documents and task orientated documents help automate this process so the right paper work is done by the right people at the right times. Every time.


Airports are big places with strict policies and procedures in place to maintain security and safety for all. MaestroLIVE’s workflow management deals comfortably with mobile workers and workflow management in secure environments.

For teams working inside airport buildings MaestroLIVE is an effective and simple way to manage the tasks that need completing. From terminal cleaning duties to roaming passenger information assistants you can make use of automated workflow technology to reduce travel time, admin and lost time in communication.

Airside, MaestroLIVE delivers the same workflow management capability via the mobile device and offers to deliver information and documentation to the right people at the right times.

Inspections and maintenance of buildings, tarmac and equipment are easily managed in MaestroLIVE. There will be many fixed assets in the airport as well as a planned schedule of maintenance. MaestroLIVE’s scheduler allows you to plan ahead programming in planned maintenance for months and years ahead. As projects are delivered, budgets and deadlines are effectively managed and cost forecasts can accurately be made.

In environments where time and security are so important, MaestroLIVE helps seamlessly deliver the right workflow information to the right people when they need it. Reduce communication time, reduce admin and deliver more for less.


MaestroLIVE offers many features suitable for the maintenance of railway networks. In particular the system’s focus on inspections, safety documentation and the need to ensure managers and network controllers have full visibility of where workers are on the tracks at any point.

Using location sensitive smartphones, MaestroLIVE maps the whereabouts of your mobile workers in realtime. Where ever they are on your network MaestroLIVE can tell you. The mapping service is also used to keep track of assets and their particulars. Signal boxes, bridges, tunnel entrances, boundary fencing, lighting and more can all be catalogued individually in MaestroLIVE and have a schedule of maintenance planned for each item.

As your mobile workers are provided with a managed workflow of tasks MaestroLIVE maintains a history of activity for future reference. Every piece of track or electrical box will develop a detailed background of past inspections, maintenance and repairs as well as a planned future of work.

Safety matters for any mobile worker but not least when trackside. As mobile workers or teams of workers are handed tasks, MaestroLIVE can make sure each task and worker has the appropriate documentation to safely complete the task. For example risk assessments, safety protocols, checklists or even wiring diagrams relating to certain assets. Automation of this information flow introduces huge opportunity for efficiency but perhaps more importantly the assurance the right safety information is getting to the right people at the right times.


MaestroLIVE offers a construction specific module called TOC. MaestroLIVE can offer construction sites the ability to manage a workflow of tasks and mobile workers for optimum productivity and efficiency but TOC focusses on what happens when things go wrong.

TOC allows users to report a stoppage in the workflow and to report why. For example, a worker may be building a wall but be prevented from completing the work as the cement mixer has broken down. The worker duly stops the workflow on their mobile device reporting that the cement mixer has broken and this notification is scaled up to the worker’s superiors.

This hierarchical alert solution makes it remarkably simple to get help from the right people in your chain of command when you need it. The responsible superior receives a push notification on their mobile device when a workflow is stopped. The person who stopped it can provide information including photographs of the stoppage so the supervisor can immediately start diagnosing a solution. If there is one, they can then deliver it. If there is no solution they can offer , the supervisor simply scales the alert up to the next level.

TOC works as well for minor niggles as it does for major dilemmas. Alerts can be scaled all the way to Managing Directors, board members or owners, however, the buck does have to stop somewhere.

Specifically designed for the construction industry, MaestroLIVE’s TOC module is reducing downtime and keeping workflows moving with superb ROI.


Road, footpath, park or interior signage can be complex to keep track of and manage. MaestroLIVE’s asset tracking provides an easy way to maintain a workable database of assets in the field each with detailed particulars.

Plan scheduled maintenance and pinpoint the location and status of an asset instantly when an urgent repair is called for.


MaestroLIVE’s workflow lends itself well to managing planned maintenance of communications hardware in the field. For mobile teams or individual workers, tasks can be scheduled and delivered to workers via their mobile devices with location information for the asset due to be worked on.

Scheduler and budgeter modules provide visibility of a planned workload months or even years into the future alongside an accurate cost forecast.


In the energy sector more and more renewable generation sites are coming online creating a more diverse and dispersed energy infrastructure. As maintenance and construction teams move further afield to attend to these sites, mobile workforce management capabilities come into their own.

Effectively manage the workload of individuals or teams of mobile workers attending solar farm, hydro or wind farm sites to carry out essential maintenance and repairs. Maintain an accurate asset register of your hardware and the inspections and maintenance required to achieve optimum generation.


Retail environments increasingly require intensive management to maintain the expectations of demanding shoppers. MaestroLIVE enjoys a legacy of experience working with BIDs (Business Improvement Districts) and shopping centres to achieve optimum productivity and efficiency when delivering cleaning, maintenance and customer services.

MaestroLIVE can be used to create a simple workflow system of reporting, tasks and delivery for small to medium teams of mobile workers. Regular work such as routine cleaning, maintenance or inspections can be programmed to occur and recur when needed. Operatives in the retail space receive notifications via their mobile device to undertake the task assigned and once complete MaestroLIVE records this and stores it for future reference. This instantly creates a detailed history of maintenance and inspections completed which can prove invaluable in the future.

More urgent tasks can also be reported on and responded to easily with the MaestroLIVE workflow. Any user, a manager or mobile worker, might spot a damaged bin or broken electrical fitting for example. Using the mobile device, they report a defect, take a photograph if necessary, and the issue is reported directly into the system. A manager can then assign the task to a capable member of the team who can set about fixing the issue. This can all be achieved without a single person leaving their post or current workflow in order to report and schedule the problem for fixing. Great efficiencies are found and productivity increases.


Business Improvement Districts are MaestroLIVE’s bread and butter. MaestroLIVE was originally designed for BIDs and continues to support these vital town centre functions 15 years on.

A simple managed workflow enables effective management of your street teams whether they are assisting the public, liaising with member businesses, carrying out maintenance or street cleaning duties.

BID members are always keen to see that they are getting good value for money and rightly so. MaestroLIVE can help you demonstrate the value of your street maintenance teams using reports and analytics generated by the workflow.

Say for example one hundred defects were reported and dealt with in an eight week period, MaestroLIVE can generate a report to show this data at the click of a button. MaestroLIVE demonstrates tangible increases in productivity and efficiency and arms you with the data you need to make the case for continuing your BID.

To add to the feeling of value for BID members, MaestroLIVE offers a simple defect reporting form that anyone can fill in. Should a BID member spot a rocking curb stone or vandalised flower bed, for example, they simply visit the web page provided, fill in the form providing some details about the defect they have spotted and press submit.

From here you can assess the reliability of the source and create a task to inspect the problem in order to schedule a suitable solution. Your BID members can report directly into the workflow empowering members to proactively take part in improving the business district in which they do business.

Shopping Centers

Morning and evening routines, maintenance and cleaning processes can enjoy improvements in efficiency and productivity with the use of MaestroLIVE. Where your opening and closing routines are set and important to get right, MaestroLIVE can help managers check processes have been completed easily. MaestroLIVE can also then demonstrate that those processes have been followed by recording events over time.

For example, your evening closing routine may include a full inspection of the shopping centre for customers and shop staff who haven’t yet left, any damage to displays or vandalism as well as a set cleaning routine. A managed workflow will deliver these task notifications regularly to the mobile workers responsible for carrying them out. Once completed the mobile worker notifies MaestroLIVE that the task has been completed, the inspection is complete or the cleaning routine is finished.

Managers can keep an eye on these processes from a distance noting what time the tasks were finished and are even able to program MaestroLIVE to handle photographic evidence that a task has been completed. The act of pressing the ‘complete task’ button in MaestroLIVE is very simple, even snapping a quick photograph to attach to the report is easy but the value of regular due process and the storage of the evidence pays dividends in the future.

A managed workflow can help improve productivity of your maintenance and cleaning teams thus improving the shopping experience. MaestroLIVE also offers the security features described providing invaluable and consistent evidence that your processes are being carried out routinely with evidence. Useful for demonstrating , for example, that the doors were locked on the evening of a break in thus providing evidence for insurance purposes.

Local Authority

MaestroLIVE fits well into Local Authority eco-systems. The nature of services delivered by city councils, county councils and unitary authorities lend themselves to being managed by MaestroLIVE and in an era of cost reductions, MaestroLIVE offers opportunity to increase productivity and improve process efficiency. Whether managing a schedule of grass cutting or a maintenance plan In council-owned social house, MaestroLIVE can help.


Particularly in rural counties but in cities as well there exists a vast network of roads and infrastructure serving communities. Literally thousands of drains need maintaining at any given moment. Managing the workload of the traditional lengthsman function is made much simple with MaestroLIVE.

Firstly we would place all the streets and locations the mobile maintenance team look after. Secondly, we would identify what jobs need doing regularly in those locations and finally we would create repeating tasks in MaestroLIVE to routinely attend to these issues.

Repeating tasks can be made to repeat as infrequently as every 2 years so a verge, for example, that needs attention every 18 months can be programmed into MaestroLIVE for automatic attention. Keeping track of regular tasks manually over such long time periods is a challenge that MaestroLIVE takes on and succeeds at.

Often members of the public will report issues they spot along country lanes or along streets in the city. Using our native ZappApp, members of the public can report such issues directly to the council along with a photograph and GPS location tag. If the issue is for the council’s maintenance team then the defect report can be routed as such. If the issue is to be dealt with by a third party, MaestroLIVE also handles this.

Rights of Way

Councils looking after rights of way will know that keeping track of what is sometimes thousands of miles of footpaths can be a challenge. MaestroLIVE’s mapping and asset management capability enables simple and effective management of the location and condition of your rights of way.

Rangers making footpath inspections and carrying out routine maintenance can also make use of MaestroLIVE to manage their workflow. Not only this, MaestroLIVE offers a comprehensive survey and inspection capability with full form customisation. This enables you to create digital forms for your footpath condition surveys which can be completed and submitted as the inspector goes about their work.

Public footpaths are often in data blackspots meaning MaestroLIVE can’t connect via the mobile device. Fortunately, MaestroLIVE continues to work and any data gathered or changes made are saved and communicated to the server when the device reconnects.

Grass and Hedge Cutting

There are approximately 450,000 km of hedgerow in Britain and for the lengths that border roads the task of cutting and tidying back is a big one.

Use MaestroLIVE to effectively manage this annual task. Clearly map lengths of hedges due for cutting and effectively schedule each length as a task for completion by the cutter. Once you’re happy with the way a season of hedge cutting went, create repeating tasks and simply leave MaestroLIVE to automatically repeat the process year after year.

Parks and Fields

Maintenance, planting and fixing storm or vandal damage all small tasks that add up to a large workload. Simplify delivery of park and field upkeep with MaestroLIVE mobile workflow management.

Maintenance plans are easily handled, recurring inspections and tasks are a main stay of MaestroLIVE and allow you to create simple or complex tasks and deliver them to the mobile worker. Repeating tasks help you keep on top of grass cutting and essential maintenance.

For planting, pruning and maintaining formal gardens, MaestroLIVE can help make this process easier and empower low skilled gardeners. Deliver images and documents with each task as supporting information. Say you need daffodil bulbs planting in October in succession to ensure a good spread of flowering when Spring comes. MaestroLIVE can be used to create weekly tasks over the course of 6 weeks to plant daffodil bulbs. An instruction sheet and diagrams could be provided alongside the task via the workers mobile device for reference as they complete the task.


Inspections and maintenance of council owned housing never ends. Gas safety, electrical safety, property condition are all surveys that can be carried out in MaestroLIVE as a task delivered to the mobile worker’s smartphone. Data is stored in MaestroLIVE allowing for quick and easy searching and reference when the data is needed.

Maintenance schedules can also be effectively handled using MaestroLIVE’s repeating tasks feature or by creating defects generated by maintenance inspections. An inspector visits each house to inspect for issues such as damp, loose roof tiles, brick pointing. If they spot a recognised defect they report it using MaestroLIVE. The system then automatically creates a workflow based on that defect and what needs to be done to resolve it.

The same can be achieved if the tenant reports the issue to you.


MaestroLIVE has applications in any area where operations are spread over a medium to large area and involve mobile workers out in the field. The Leisure industry operates parks and resorts and golf courses all of which have mobile workers carrying out tasks over a large area.

Holiday Park

Keep on top of recurring tasks easily, respond to guest concerns about issues found in the park and maintain an excellent state of upkeep. Recurring tasks such as painting, window cleaning or grass cutting can be programmed into MaestroLIVE to repeat as necessary and therefore automatically appear on mobile workers’ smart devices when those tasks need doing. This ‘little and often’ approach really helps you keep on top of park maintenance.

If you rent accommodation MaestroLIVE can help keep track of cleaning. Say you have 100 parties and 100 arriving on change over day on the park, all 100 caravans need cleaning. Each one can be created as a task in MaestroLIVE. As guests check out you can activate the task to clean that van. When guests start checking in again you will be able to instantly see whether the cleaning team have completed the cleaning task for the van or not. MaestoLIVE will even tell you if the work is still in progress or yet to be started.

Golf Course

Similar to holiday parks, MaestroLIVE makes light work of routine maintenance to keep the golf course looking and operating at its best. Weekly grass cuttings can be scheduled in all through the summer with MaestroLIVE automatically notifying the mobile worker when the grass needs to be cut.

Manage the maintenance of sand pits, club buildings, footpath and roadways and all made easier with MaestroLIVE managing it all.

National Park

National Parks are big places. MaestroLIVE makes life easy for managers looking after mobile workers operating in large scale environments. If Ranger A needs a briefing on a task but is 50 miles away MaestroLIVE can deliver all the information and data input forms needed at the click of a button. Reduce travel time and distance. Communicate tasks effectively to rangers anywhere.

Inspections, patrols, surveys and recurring maintenance tasks are all seamlessly handled by MaestroLIVE and well suited to National Park management.

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For an automated workflow disruption solution, use MaestroLIVE to get stalled workflows working fast with large cost saving advantages.

Shopping Centers

Plan your maintenance schedule, respond to urgent issues and consistently deliver opening and closing routines.


Coordinate street cleaning and maintenance to improve the BID area and allow members to report issues directly into the workflow.


Schedule work, resources and materials for highways mainteance projects. Use asset management for streetlighting and signs.

Public Spaces & Parks

Reduce downtime and improve communication between managers and workers. MaestroLIVE offers a simple solution to coordinating tasks.

Local Authorities

Integrate seamlessly with third party suppliers and use MaestroLIVE to effectively measure SLA compliance.

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