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/ $26

Per User Per Month

Perfect for BIDs
and Town Centres

Ideal for town centres, BIDs, holiday parks & shopping centres...

Entry PLUS

/ $39

Per User Per Month

Entry + surveys, recurring tasks and custom branding.

Ideal for town centers, BIDs, holiday parks & shopping centres...


/ $93

Per User Per Month

Advanced functionality for
more complex operations

Ideal for building maintenance & local authorities. Includes Scheduler, Budgeter and GIS.


/ $125

Per User Per Month

Our entire offering
at your fingertips

Ideal for large projects such as highways construction and maintenance.

Pricing Matrix

See what's included in our packages or
build your own system with modules priced individually.

+ Module Entry Entry PLUS Professional Enterprise
+ Core Platform

The MaestroLIVE Core Platform is the basis of all our packages. The Core Platform features ‘Workflow’ which is at the very core of MaestroLIVE and the bedrock on which all tasks and defects are created.

There are five key elements to the Core Platform:

Workflow Build a digital workflow with tasks and defects.
Forms Designer Design your own forms for capturing data in the field in the format you need it in.
CRM Build a database of contacts and businesses.
Reports Analyse data for every aspect of your managed workflow.
Calendar Schedule tasks for completion and view them on a calendar.
+ Surveys

Surveys are a great way to capture large amounts of data in the field. Design your own survey forms and deploy them to mobile workers for completion. Surveys can be used for inspections, questionnaires or for simple counting tasks such as traffic or footfall counts.

+ Branding

Add your own logo to your instance of MaestroLIVE.

+ Repeating Tasks

Create tasks that automatically recur. Grass cutting would be a good example of a repeating task. Repeating tasks are also used a lot for regular inspections. Repeating tasks are created once by you but automatically repeat based on the parameters you set.

+ Scheduler

Schedule your operation effectively with Scheduler. MaestroLIVE will automatically schedule tasks based on their SLAs and deadline or you can adjust the schedule manually. As your schedule progresses, MaestroLIVE appoints tasks to workers as and when the schedule demands it.

+ Budget Manager

Budget Manager allows you to control costs and spend across your entire operation. By assigning resource values to everything you do, MaestroLIVE will be able to forecast costs for individual jobs or for whole projects months in advance. Budget Manager can also be used to ring-fence protected funds and generate ‘require budget approval’ tasks for managers to sign off on a spend before it is incurred.

+ Smartz*

Smartz is a comprehensive business intelligence module. Smartz will provide you with deep data and operations analysis for your workflow. Smartz takes all the activity in your business and turns it into useful business data.


Synchronise MaestroLIVE with your GIS data in ArcGIS. Bidirectional synchronisation between these two services.

+ Skills Based Routing

Resources in your business have different capabilities. Workers might have specific qualifications enabling them to take on specialist tasks or a vehicle might have a load capacity. Using Skills Based Routing, MaestroLIVE can make sure only the right people and resources get given tasks they are capable of doing.

+ Workflow Manager

Customise the standard workflow process in MaestroLIVE. Define what tasks of what types are sent to mobile workers when a problem needs fixing. You can create as simple or complex a workflow as your situation demands.

+ Schemes

Enhance your scheduling and manage projects. Schemes allows you to create multiple projects inside which you can allocate tasks to resources and have the whole thing scheduled. Project Manager will then track progress through the scheduled project from the first to the very last task.

+ MC3

MC3 is our public enquiry module. Use MC3 to manage your call centre receiving reports from the public. MC3 is the bridge between your workflow and public defect reports that come in. A good example of this is members of the public reporting the location of new pot holes that appear in roads.

+ MC3 + ZappApp

Use ZappApp alongside MC3 to create a self-service public defect reporting system. ZappApp allows your customers to report defects directly to you via a mobile app and see updates reported back when your organisation tackles the issue they have reported.

*Smartz is only available with a minimum of 10 users.

ZappApp Pricing

ZappApp is used in partnership with MC3 - a comprehensive public enquiry management system. ZappApp and MC3 cost just £25 per user per month. Thereafter we charge an additional £5 per month for every 1000 users registered with ZappApp.


VAT is not included in the prices quoted on this page. For UK customers, please add VAT at 20%. Please contact us if you would like to use MaestroLIVE outside of the United Kingdom.

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For an automated workflow disruption solution, use MaestroLIVE to get stalled workflows working fast with large cost saving advantages.

Shopping Centers

Plan your maintenance schedule, respond to urgent issues and consistently deliver opening and closing routines.


Coordinate street cleaning and maintenance to improve the BID area and allow members to report issues directly into the workflow.


Schedule work, resources and materials for highways mainteance projects. Use asset management for streetlighting and signs.

Public Spaces & Parks

Reduce downtime and improve communication between managers and workers. MaestroLIVE offers a simple solution to coordinating tasks.

Local Authorities

Integrate seamlessly with third party suppliers and use MaestroLIVE to effectively measure SLA compliance.

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