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MaestroLIVE has been serving customers for 7 years and has become a versatile and sophisticated mobile workflow management tool.

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Workflow is the core of what MaestroLIVE does. Workflow is, as the name suggests, a flow of work from a start point to an end point. Typically the start point is the discovery that a problem needs fixing, a pothole for example, and the end point is having fixed that problem. A workflow could also consist of a series of appointments, deliveries or inspections.

MaestroLIVE enables you to build a digital workflow system to suit your operation. Here is an example workflow:

  • 1. A member of the public discovers a pothole on Coniston Road and decides to report it to the local council.
  • 2. A report is received by the council and the workflow begins.
  • 3. First, MaestroLIVE creates an inspection task in order to confirm that the pothole exists and to qualify what resources may be needed to fix the problem. This largely depends on how big or deep the pothole is.
  • 4. A road inspector receives on his/her mobile device a task to complete a road inspection along Coniston Road in order to find the offending pot-hole.
  • 5. The inspector completes the inspection and fills in a form provided by MaestroLIVE on their mobile device which gathers all the necessary information about the pothole.
  • 6. MaestroLIVE now knows what resources are needed to fix the pothole: 1 pothole fixer, 2 buckets of gravel, 1 bucket of tarmac, 6 traffic cones and a road roller.
  • 7. MaestroLIVE creates a task to fix the pothole and attaches the pothole report and required resources list to the task.
  • 8. The task is then scheduled for completion at a time when the resources are next available. If the pothole fix is particularly urgent you can ask MaestroLIVE to prioritise the task to bring forwards completion.
  • 9. When the task’s scheduled completion slot rolls around, the user assigned to fix the pothole receives a notification on their mobile device.
  • 10. The user collects the resources required and travels to the pothole.
  • 11. The user fixes the pothole and reports to MaestroLIVE that the pothole has been fixed.
  • 12. MaestroLIVE know marks the task as completed.

This is a reasonably complex workflow example. A simpler approach would be to make a database of tasks that need completing and ask MaestroLIVE to deliver tasks to users one by one until the database is empty. In organisations where you have just a few mobile workers in the field and perhaps just one person coordinating them in your office, this works very well.

MaestroLIVE is capable of managing extremely complex workflows incorporating budget management, asset management, scheduling of hundreds of users, teams of users, resources and travel. Each element of MaestroLIVE workflow management is described below.


Tasks instruct users to do things. Admin and management staff have authority to create tasks and assign them to other users. In MaestroLIVE’s simplest form, managers create tasks for mobile workers to complete in the field.

Tasks can be created uniquely every time or can be selected from a list of pre-entered regular tasks. This is particularly useful if your team regularly completes the same or similar tasks in different locations.


Defects are problems that you regularly encounter. If you manage roads, a pothole would be a defect that you come across all too often. A blocked drain or low hanging tree over the road would both be examples of defects.

Defects allow you to program what actions need to be taken when a defect is discovered. This allows a set process to be followed every time a defect of a certain type is discovered.

When a defect is discovered, a task or series of tasks may be required to fix the defect.


Projects allow you to manage complex workflows involving many tasks and defects. In a project, many different tasks can be combined to achieving a common goal.

For example, you could have a project called ‘Road resurfacing at Coniston Road’. In this project there would be tasks for surface preparation, traffic management, resurfacing, finishing and more. Projects are a useful way to group large pieces of work and to effectively be able to manage and forecast a completion date.


Every system needs users. Users are your mobile workers, back office staff, management teams and stakeholders. Different users have different authorities.

Users are created and destroyed easily in the MaestroLIVE dashboard. Each has a name, username, password, email and phone number.


Workers are specific types of users. Workers are the users that operate on the ground, in the field completing tasks and undertaking work. Users are either workers or they are not and the type ‘worker’ is attributed to a user when you create that user.

Workers have skills which are assigned to them. MaestroLIVE can then use these skills to ensure only users with the appropriate skills are selected to complete tasks requiring those skills.

A list of skills is created in the settings panel and they might include things like ‘road safety proficient’ or ‘qualified welder’.

Each worker is this assigned skills as required.

Work Gangs

It is very often not possible for one person to complete a task. Work gangs combine workers into groups which are then used to complete tasks. MaestroLIVE can select workers or work gangs to complete tasks based on the task type.


Our tasks, defects, workers and work gangs can all be scheduled in one calendar so you can view your operation over time.

MaestroLIVE does this automatically based on your priority settings and the order in which the work was requested. MaestroLIVE schedules work for completion assigning resources to complete the work. The schedule is viewed in a calendar.

Recurring Tasks

If you have a maintenance schedule or jobs that need doing on a regular basis, MaestroLIVE creates recurring tasks that generate by themselves. Regular tasks can be created hourly, daily, weekly or for any other time period.


The TOC module looks at your workflow the other way around. Instead of managing the completion of tasks, TOC helps you manage situations where your tasks cannot be completed for whatever reason.

Specifically adapted for the construction industry at first, TOC allows users to report a stoppage in the workflow and to report why. For example, a worker may be building a wall but be prevented from completing the work as the cement mixer has broken down. The worker duly stops the workflow on their mobile device reporting that the cement mixer has broken and this notification is scaled up to the worker’s superiors.

The hierarchy scales up the issue until it finds someone who is able to deal with the issue faced and get the workflow running again. In this example, the workers supervisor probably needs to scale the issue up one more level to the site manager who may be able to source a replacement cement mixer.


The flow of information is as important as the flow of work and having the right information to hand aids the completion of work in the workflow.

MaestroLIVE offers a number features to collect information from and send it to users at the right times.


Customisable forms allow you to collect any information you wish. Once created, forms can be completed by users in the field. By creating forms with consistent inputs you can standardise the information you receive making it easier to handle.


When tasks are in the process of being completed, you may need some documentation to be made available to the user or to be completed during the task.

MaestroLIVE allows you to easily handle this. With pre-selected task types, MaestroLIVE can automatically send the relevant safety or guidance documents to the worker completing the task for their reference. MaestroLIVE can also send documents that need completing during the task.

Repeating Documents

During projects some documents may need to be completed regularly. Examples include written safety assessments or a daily site inspection.

MaestroLIVE allows you to create repeating documents which are automatically sent to the appropriate user at the frequency set.

Business CRM

In your operation you may need to maintain a database of business addresses. Tasks can be created in relation to businesses and the streets on which they exist.

Inspection Surveys

MaestroLIVE makes managing and completing inspections simple. Inspection appointments can be created as tasks and scheduled in the usual way. If inspections are due at a business premises the inspection can be linked to the business address in the Business CRM.

For the inspection itself you can create a form for the user to fill in as they do the inspection.


MC3 is a ‘Public Enquiry Management System’ that integrates directly with your workflow reducing the time it takes for reported issues to become completed tasks. Your telephone or email handlers type straight into MC3 as issues are reported by the public, businesses or your customers.

Workflow managers can then easily turn these reports into tasks for completion.


ZappApp is an extension of MC3 which allows members of the public to report issues they spot using a smartphone app. The enquiry is created on screen and placed directly into the MaestroLIVE system by the user when they create it.

Managers can then turn enquiries into tasks. This layer prevents abuse of the system. As the task moves through the system from report to completion, ZappApp continues to update the user that submitted the report via the mobile app.


Tasks, users and assets can all be mapped in MaestroLIVE. We use a detailed, layered map system allowing you to pinpoint exactly where something is.


Asset Tracking

MaestroLIVE’s asset tracking capability allows you to keep track of thousands of fixed position assets in the field. MaestroLIVE also presents the capability to track and manage the condition and maintenance of your assets.


Tasks and projects need resources to complete. These may take the form of materials, vehicles or equipment. MaestroLIVE makes managing resources and assigning them to tasks, workers and work gangs easy.

Resource Types

Each resource type in your system is identified uniquely. Program in all of your resource types and assign them values and characteristics.

Resource Costs

Each resource can be programed to incur a cost when it is used. You can program costs separately for every resource type in your system.


MaestroLIVE’s budgeting module helps you see, manage and forecast the costs in your operation. Every task has a cost in terms of the time spent and the resources used. By setting values for these things, MaestroLIVE computes the budget spend in realtime alongside your operation and can provide instant access to the state of your finances at any moment.

Cost Control

MaestroLIVE’s budgeting module helps you see, manage and forecast the costs in your operation. Every task has a cost in terms of the time spent and the resources used. By setting values for these things, MaestroLIVE computes the budget spend in realtime alongside your operation and can provide instant access to the state of your finances at any moment.

Once your users and resources have monetary values MaestroLIVE can calculate the cost of every task. You can set spend approval limits so if a task will cost more than the approval limit MaestroLIVE will seek authorisation from the appropriate user before allowing the task to be completed.

Job Estimates

If you need to know what a task or project will cost to complete, MaestroLIVE can provide you with an estimate for the job based on the resource costs programmed in.

This can be an easy way of estimating the cost of a complex project.


Similarly to job estimates, MaestroLIVE can forecast the future cost of your operation by looking at the tasks scheduled ahead and calculating their total cost.

Third Parties

Third party suppliers providing services to you are easily managed as part of your workflow in MaestroLIVE. Users in external organisations can receive tasks like any other user but the system will treat their response times as sensitive.

This allows you to effectively measure the work completed by third parties against the service level agreements you have in place.


Every interaction that MaestroLIVE processes is recorded providing detailed analytics and insight into your operation. Admin and management users are able to generate one off and recurring reports for regular use. For example, you may need to generate a weekly report showing the number of tasks completed in that week.

Custom Reports

Analytics reports are customisable so you can report on anything you need to using the data saved in MaestroLIVE. Admin and management users can select any number of data lines or a singular data line to generate a report. For example, you may look at completed tasks with deadlines in a particular month.

Custom reports can be saved, revisted at any time and exported to CSV for further data handling.


Smartz takes MaestroLIVE’s powerful reporting module even further. Smartz is MaestroLIVE’s business intelligence module offering deep insights into your operation’s data.


Using reports and Smartz, MaestroLIVE is able to demonstrate its value and return on investment. Typically we are able to demonstrate an increase in productivity and an efficiency in the processes used to create that productivity.


MaestroLIVE is adaptable and flexible. When setting up your instance of MaestroLIVE your choices will create a system that is unique to you but with the reassurance the core functionality is secure and reliable.

Your individual settings, form designs, resources, users and more will create a custom system for your operation.


It is possible for management users to upload a logo to personalise the MaestroLIVE software.


We offer a supported API with documentation for developers to build software that will interact with MaestroLIVE. Please contact us to find out more.


MaestroLIVE as offered via our online portal is available for further, custom development. If you have a requirement that we don’t yet support but would like to take advantage of our core software platform please contact us to discuss bespoke software development.

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For an automated workflow disruption solution, use MaestroLIVE to get stalled workflows working fast with large cost saving advantages.

Shopping Centers

Plan your maintenance schedule, respond to urgent issues and consistently deliver opening and closing routines.


Coordinate street cleaning and maintenance to improve the BID area and allow members to report issues directly into the workflow.


Schedule work, resources and materials for highways mainteance projects. Use asset management for streetlighting and signs.

Public Spaces & Parks

Reduce downtime and improve communication between managers and workers. MaestroLIVE offers a simple solution to coordinating tasks.

Local Authorities

Integrate seamlessly with third party suppliers and use MaestroLIVE to effectively measure SLA compliance.

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