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Return on Investment

For an employee being paid minimum wage in the UK, they need to save just 10 minutes per day for MaestroLIVE to pay for itself.

MaestroLIVE ROI Calculator

Enter your own values and calculate ROI for your business:

minutes per day.

Save minutes per day and MaestroLIVE has paid for itself.

Per hour MaestroLIVE costs you just £.


return on investment.

If you save just minutes per day, your investment in MaestroLIVE will give you an ROI of %.

MaestroLIVE's ROI calculations explained...

Calculating how MaestroLIVE 'pays for itself'.

We have calculated that you need to save minutes per day or minutes per hour for MaestroLIVE to 'pay for itself'. The time MaestroLIVE saves has a value and when the total value of the time saved in one month equals the cost of MaestroLIVE's user fee, we consider MaestroLIVE's monthly cost to have the same monetary value as the productive time gained.

During one month, your worker works hours ( working days multiplied by working hours per day). If you need to save minutes per day, you need to save minutes or hours per month. You pay your worker £ per hour so the value of the time you need to save equals £ (productive hours gained x hourly pay).

The total cost of using MaestroLIVE for one month is £ therefore you have 'broken even' or gained the same amount of value as you have invested.

Calculating a return on your investment (ROI).

A standard ROI calculation goes like this: ((Gain - Cost) / Cost) x 100. For example, if you invest £1000 into stocks and receive a return of £1200 you have made a profit of £200. Your gain is £1200 and the cost is £1000. 1200 - 1000 = 200. Now we divide the result by the cost so 200 / 1000 = 0.2. To arrive at a percentage ROI figure we times the result of that equation by 100. 0.2 x 100 = 20% ROI.

To calculate the ROI you could achieve by using MaestroLIVE we have to attribute a monetary value to the productive time you gain. MaestroLIVE saves time in all sorts of ways and some examples are illustrated below. By reducing the admin processes your worker has to go through, you are able to free-up more productive time for your worker. That productive time has a value because you are paying the worker by the hour and they can use that time to generate value for your business rather than carrying out admin tasks that MaestroLIVE will do for you.

If your worker has minutes of productive time freed up per day by MaestroLIVE and you are paying the worker £ per hour, that time has a value of £

Per month your worker could save minutes or hours in total which has a value of £. Now we can put that value into the ROI equation.

Here is the ROI equation again: ((Gain - Cost) / Cost) x 100.

((£ - £) / £) x 100 = % ROI.

Saving time with MaestroLIVE

Different companies save time in different ways but here are some of the most common efficiencies you can hope to find using MaestroLIVE.

Reduce Travel

MaestroLIVE delivers all the information required for a job inlcuding a briefing, images, health and safety notes.

Your mobile worker jumps in the van and goes straight to a job rather than making unnessecary journeys to and from your HQ.

Approx time saved per day: 30 minutes (in traffic).

Don't Double Up

MaestroLIVE avoids you having to take notes to type up later in the office.

For inspections and estimating, input the information into MaestroLIVE as you go. Press submit and the job is done meaning you only have to do the task once not twice.

Approx time saved per day: 60 minutes.

Banish Paperwork

Let the paper trail go cold and embrace a slick, efficient digital workflow.

Digital forms are easier to fill in, easier to read back and faster to transfer from user-input to useful data. Taking paper out of the equation saves time for the mobile worker and your office staff.

Approx time saved per day: 90 minutes.

Knowledge is Power

The knowledge you need to be able to make decisions and keep projects moving all lives inside MaestroLIVE.

Every detail about every job ever completed or due to be completed can be found in one place. Speed up your access to the knowledge you need.

Approx time saved per day: 30 minutes.

Better Communication

Everything in MaestroLIVE is consistent and logical. When you’re managing a workflow in this way, the need for questions reduces as MaestroLIVE orchestrates your mobile operation.

This means fewer emails, less time on the phone and less wasted time talking rather than doing.

Approx time saved per day: 120 minutes.

Consistent Workflow

A digital workflow creates one consistent way of operating in your business.

Your staff will quickly learn and get used to working the workflow the same every time.

Over time this seriously speeds up work as workers get faster at carrying out the same process over and over again.

Approx time saved per day: 30 minutes.

"MaestroLIVE has saved our skin a few times."

Return on investment only you can put a price on.

Customer service and delivery

Deliver more, deliver on-time and deliver on-budget with MaestroLIVE’s help. Result - happy customers, better chance of contract renewal and reduced costs.

MaestroLIVE reduced lead times for a highways maintenance customer of ours from 45 days to just 4 achieved simply by implementing an effective, digital manged workflow.

Business Intelligence

Every interaction in MaestroLIVE is recorded in realtime. When you need data to make decisions, MaestroLIVE has it to hand at the click of a button.

Generate, customise and store the business critical data you need to be effective. Improved decision making and realtime analytics has the potential to add enormous value in your business.

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